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Frequently Asked Questions:

How much is my property worth?
At a time convenient for you, one of our property managers will conduct a rental appraisal of your property and will provide you with recommendations on presentation and marketing strategies.

How fastwill my property be leased?
Your property will bepositioned on our website and rental listing sheet within 24 hours of your authorisation. Our property managers can also draw from our extensive database of prospective tenants, and consult with relocation companies,to ensurethat your property is promptly leased to the appropriate tenant.

What will the management of my property cost me?
We are aware that every property is different. Our property managers are happy to discuss a fee structure based on individual landlord requirements. We believe that our professional services are great value for money and we strive to provide our landlords with premium assistance and advice.

Do you check on prospective tenants?
Our property managers carry out all property inspections in person. Our application forms are exceptionally detailed and cover all aspects regarding income, employment, and current and previous tenancies. These particulars are subject to multiple reference checks and a National Tenancy Database search.

How often am I paid?
We offer monthly & bi monthly payment options to all our landlords. These are scheduled to occur on the 1st & 15th of every month, although this may on occasions vary slightly if these dates fall on a public holiday or a Sunday. Where possible we prefer to electronically disburse funds into your nominated bank account, meaning you are not waiting on a cheque to arrive in the post & then clear.

How do you deal with rent arrears?

  • three days – a courtesy phone call to tenant
  • seven days – a notice to remedy breach is sent
  • 10 days - the tenant is formally advised that a Notice to Vacate will be issued if rent is not received within four days
  • 14 days - Notice to Vacate issued in consultation with you

Tenant Information

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I make rental payments?
Your bond and first three weeks rent can be paid by a bank cheque or eft, payable to Redlands Realty, and is due at the signing of the lease agreement. Subsequent payments can be made via eft, direct debit, b pay or with your rent card at an Australia Post office. For security purposes, we will not accept cash payments at the office. It is important that you contact your property manager immediately if you are unable to pay your rent by the due date.

How much will the Bond be?
Most bonds are equivalent to four weeks rent, unless stated otherwise, and must be paid by eft or a bank cheque payable to the R.T.A. (Residential Tenancies Authority).

What is the requirement for keys to the property?
Tenants will normally be given one full set of keys to the property. Redlands Realty may hold spare keys in the case of an emergency. If a tenant wishes to change the locks, they must first seek permission from the owner and supply the agent with a spare set.

What is a condition report?
The condition report is as important as your tenancy agreement. It establishes the condition of the property commencing your occupancy and will be used as a comparison at the end of your tenancy. This is the basis on which your bond will be refunded.

Please check it thoroughly, amend and add comments if necessary.  Then return the complete, original, signed copy to the office within three business dayscommencing your tenancy. If the signed condition report is not returned, problems could occur at the end of your tenancy regarding your bond refund. You will also be given several pages of photos of the property to check and initial your agreement that they represent the current condition of the property.

How are routine inspections completed?
Periodic inspections are carried out by your property manager every three months for the purpose of assessing the condition of the property. Each time, the owner will be presented with a written report, including photographs. You will be notified in writing of the day and time of the inspection. If the time provided is not convenient, please contact your property manager as quickly as possible to reschedule.

Something needs repairing. How do I notify the owner?
All repair and maintenance requests must be forwarded to our office in writing. Only emergency repairs will be accepted verbally. A maintenance request can be made via our website under ‘Maintenance Request’ which appears in the drop down of the Renting tab on our home page or via email to our property manager or via fax to 07 3286 0886.

I wish to vacate the property.
You will need to issue our office with written notice of your intention to vacate the property. This is done using a Form 13 (Notice of intention to Leave). The correct amount of notice required to end a tenancy can vary depending on several different circumstances. It is best to check with our office or refer to the Ending Tenancy section of the “Renting in Queensland” booklet (Form 17) you will be given at the start of your lease to ensure correct notice periods are given.
Tenants who want to break their lease should contact their property manager immediately to discuss options and re-letting costs.

Effective communication amongst all parties involved is the essence of a successful and trouble free tenancy. The tenant is responsible for paying rent on time and keeping the property in good order. As the agent, we request that we are advised of any problems that might affect either party’s requirements. In other words, if there is a problem, we must be informed as quickly as possible. In most cases, problems can be quickly and efficiently rectified.
Our property managers are here to assist you in making your tenancy as comfortable as possible. Please direct any problem or enquiry you may have to the property manager/s responsible for your property.

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