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When it comes to leasing, no team is more proficient and devoted than the Redlands Realty Property Management service. We lead the way in the Redlands property market and our homegrown team has worked passionately to establish a reputation as fair and honest agents. Our expert staff members are enjoyable to deal with and we offer a genuine six days a week service. We will ensure you receive maximum rental returns and high quality management of your valuable investments.

Choosing Redlands Realty

The purchase of an investment property is one of the most major financial decisions you will make, after your family home. Therefore, choosing the right agent to manage your valued investment is crucial.
Redlands Realty recognises how to achieve maximum return on your investment in any market, while providing reliable, no fuss management. We govern your property so that you do not need to give it a second thought.
We have built up our rental portfolio to over  $110,000,000 in property under management and handle all varieties of rentals. Redlands Realty attracts quality clients and ensures fast occupancy rates.
At Redlands Realty, our rental properties are held in the same high regard as sales listings. Our professional marketing team offers excellent photography services, copy writing, open house inspections, signage, website access and email alerts.

We offer a quality service

Our trusted leasing agents are qualified to best manage your valued investment. Services include advertising, inspections, professional tenant selection, income collection and arrears, repairs and maintenance, customer care, accounting, attending tribunal hearings, sales appraisals and rent reviews.

You can make the change

If you already have an agent, it might be time to make a change and experience the Redlands Realty difference. It is simple. We only requirewritten authority to notify your existing agent. We will then inform the agent, collect necessary documents and advise tenants.

Developing life-long relationships

We can help you achieve all of your real estate goals and will strive to develop a long-standing association. Redlands Realty will help maximise your financial return, whether you want to earn additional income, make a capital gain or provide for your retirement.

Rest assured, your investment will be managed thoughtfully and cost-effectively, in the dedicated care of our qualified, honest and committed agents.


We aim to expose your property to the largest number of
prospective tenants possible. Your property will be marketed in the    following ways:  (Our Own Website) and (Australia’s Largest Website) with whom our office has a platinum subscription, meaning greater exposure for our properties.
Local papers such as “The Bayside Bulletin” and “The Redland Times”.
In the window display of our offices which offer prominent positions in Main Road, Wellington Point & Shore Street West, Cleveland
In our Weekly Property Booklet the “Point of View” which is
distributed through our office, local restaurants and delivered to      
local sellers.
A “For Lease” sign will be erected. Where applicable we will also contact relocations firms we have a strong working relationship with and discuss the properties suitable for any transferring          executives.
We will also contact all existing customers on our enquiry
register. A feature of our staff is their ability to follow up with these
prospects that are often forgotten in many other real estate         

Prospective tenant inspections 
All inspections with prospective tenants are conducted by one of our licensed property managers by appointment only.

We do NOT hand out keys to your property under any circumstances. This ensures that your property is kept secure throughout the leasing process.  This service also allows us to personally meet and evaluate your prospective tenants, highlight features of the home and show the    property to its full potential.

Tenant selection – The Application 
When a property appeals to a prospective tenant, they are asked to complete a detailed application form

 The following details are then carefully checked;
Present address.
Employment details including, income, length of present
employment and past employment history.
Work/business references from present and past employers.
Rental History - at least two Landlord/Agent references- if no rental history we endeavor to speak to their last sales agent.
Identification (using the standard 100 point ID system)
Rent default history

We subscribe to “TICA” Tenancy Information Centre of Australia, who provide us with a nationwide database of defaulting tenants. We undertake a thorough review of the application and get as much information as we can in order to present you with a         comprehensive assessment of the prospective tenant.

Approval of tenants   
Only when you are satisfied with the application we will then        approve the tenants.

At this time the tenants will sign a Residential Tenancy Agreement. Two weeks rent and the bond (equivalent to four week’s rent- paid by bank cheque or direct debit) must be paid prior to the day that the lease commences. Upon paying the bond the tenants will sign a Bond Lodgement Form.  We then lodge the bond with the           Residential Tenancies Authority.

The tenants are now ready to move in, but there’s one last thing…
Entry Condition Report 
Prior to any tenant moving in, we complete a detailed condition report. This is given to the tenant upon moving in.  They are required to complete their section of the report and return it to our office within 7 days.  This is a legal document stating the condition of the property at the beginning of the tenancy. It will be the basis for the assessment of condition at the end of the tenancy and the subsequent refund of bond monies.

This form allows us to include any furniture or complimentary items that you may intend to leave in your property.

Entry Condition Photos  
Your Entry Condition Report will be accompanied by photos which will show objectively the condition of the property. These will be signed by the tenant and dated.

Photos limit disagreements with tenants regarding the condition of the property upon their departure, and can save owners considerable         expense and stress in relation to potential disputed matters.

Routine Inspections   
We aim to do the first routine inspection of your property six weeks after the lease begins and there after every three months. We will complete the inspections on your property in a timely manner and you will receive a written report and digital photos where necessary.

This allows us to assess maintenance issues that your tenant may have overlooked, and also inspect the general state of the property.

If the condition your property is ever found to be unsatisfactory a Notice to Remedy Breach will be issued to the tenants and a subsequent inspection organized to make sure that the problem has been rectified.

You are welcome to attend these inspections should you so desire. Please advise us if this is the case so that we may give you ample notice of when inspections are made.
Your tenants are provided with maintenance request forms. These are used by tenants to notify us in writing when there is a maintenance issue. Tenants may also access maintenance request forms via our website and notify us of issues electronically.

In the event that maintenance is required, we will notify you. We have reliable, quality maintenance people on hand or you can choose your own. Pending your approval we will organise the work to be completed on your behalf and can arrange payment of the final    account if you so require.

In an emergency repair situation, we may organise repairs                immediately if you are unavailable, especially if there is a safety risk.

Zero Tolerance Policy
We do not tolerate rental arrears. All tenants are required to be paid two weeks in advance and rental arrears are monitored on a daily basis.

Should a tenant fall four (4) days behind in rent we phone the tenant and give a gentle reminder. In accordance with the Residential
Tenancies Act, if a tenant falls seven (7) days in arrears we issue the first “Notice to Remedy Breach” (no legal notices can be issued prior to this).

If the tenant does not rectify the breach and fails to pay within the specified time frame, a “Notice to Leave” will be issued.

As owner, you will be informed once the first notice has been sent.

It is released to you at the end of each  month. We use a rent card system allowing tenants to pay via Direct Debit, B-Pay, over the     Internet or at Australia Post  Offices, thus eliminating any obstacles for the payment of your rent.

All rent paid by tenants is held in our trust account.
A complete set of keys to your property will be kept in our rental office situated at 35/135 Shore Street West, Cleveland.  The tenant will be given one     complete set of keys, each other lease holder is to receive one entry key. We may require more than one entry key from the tenants– any extra sets will be at the tenants’ cost and all sets will need to be returned at the end of the tenancy.

A photocopy of keys provided to your tenant will be kept on file for      identification purposes. This photocopy will be signed by the tenant at the beginning of the lease.

Renewal of Tenancy Agreement   
You will be notified approximately one month before the Residential    Tenancy Agreement is due for renewal.

At this point you have the opportunity to terminate the agreement with the tenant or renew it for an agreed period.  This is also the only             opportunity you have to increase the rental amount.

We will be pleased to advise on rental reviews in an effort to provide you with the best possible rental return.

If the tenant does not wish to continue with their tenancy, they must notify us in writing fourteen (14) days prior to the lease expiry. In this case we will notify you and immediately commence marketing  your property for rent.

Vacating - Checklist/Notice given/Thorough Outgoing Inspection

Upon receiving notice that the tenant wishes to vacate your property we shall inform you and advise of any potential for a rental increase. The   tenant will be given a checklist to follow giving Instruction as to how we expect the property to be cleaned. A thorough outgoing inspection will be completed prior to the releasing of any bond.

Fees and Charges
The amount charged to an owner is 8% of the total amount of rent being collected, plus GST.

This is made up of -
3% Management Fee
5% Rent Collection Fee

There is no charge for sundries, postage and petties etc.

The owner will also be charged a letting fee at the beginning of each new tenancy. This is equivalent to one week’s rent plus GST. There is no charge for the renewal of existing leases.

In the unlikely event of a court case, the owner will be charged for any expenses incurred, such as court costs and parking fees. We do not charge for our time representing you if required.



Following are the special terms and conditions that are included on all Redlands Realty Tenancy Agreements.

Tenant/s must have the carpets cleaned on vacating the
premises by a professional contractor and a receipt provided to         the lessors agent.
Lawns and gardens are to be maintained to the condition they were found when the lease commenced. Failure to do so will result in a contractor being sent in at the tenants expense.
If a pet is permitted on the premises, upon vacating the
property must be sprayed for fleas and a receipt provided to the        agent.
The tenant/s are not to place Blu-tac or any other sticky
substances on the walls, and to keep picture hooks to one (1)              per wall.
Tenant/s  must give a minimum of fourteen (14) days prior notice in writing when wishing to vacate the property.
It is the responsibility of the tenants to replace any blown light bulbs during the tenancy.
The tenant/s are to remain two weeks rent in advance.
The tenant/s are responsible for water usage over one (1)
Kilolitre per day.
A drip tray or protective covering must be placed under
vehicles prone to drip oil. Cars are not to be parked on lawns at         any time.
The tenant/s agrees that no unregistered vehicles will be kept on the premises without prior written approval.
Upon vacating the premises the tenant must ensure that all keys are returned to Redlands Realty.
The Landlord requires an inspection within six to eight weeks of moving into the property and thereafter 3 monthly inspections. These are to be carried out by Redlands Realty.

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