Marketing Technology

Technology is always evolving, and the marketing industry must strive to keep up. Redlands Realty is dedicated to staying on top of current marketing trends. Consistent professionalism is often the key, and we aim to avoid shifting novelty ideas and gimmicks. We are always looking for ways to stay at the technical forefront.

Accessing Property Data Online
We aim to offer clients up-to-date informative and sound advice regarding the current market, and how it affects their property. With access to property data websites, we can pass vital information onto our customers.

Portable Inbox
At Redlands Realty, our sales team is constantly on the move. Whether it is meeting with clients or reviewing properties. However, communication is a key factor and we ensure that our agents have access to their emails while away from the office. This can accelerate client requests and the contractual process. We are able to send details from our Blackberry or iPhone direct to an inbox in seconds, eliminating any delay.

Reports for online property viewing
We have access to back-end reporting for leading real estate websites that can indicate how many people have viewed your property. Statistics can assist in gauging your property’s online popularity. The number of views can be broken down into days or weeks. We can even monitor the amount of telephone queries we receive regarding your property. We aim to keep you thoroughly updated throughout the campaign.

The Social Networking Phenomenon
Facebook, twitter and YouTube are taking over the online world.  It is vital that we stay on top of this popular way of communicating. Social networking sites have become an important part of our online marketing strategy. People are turning to these sites in order to keep up-to-date and informed about almost everything, including real estate. Often, you can choose to have a professional agent talk-through video of your property uploaded to all three social networking sites, as well as the usual property sites. This will spread your catchment area of buyers further than ever before.

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