Marketing Power

Marketing power is how Redlands Realty promotes your property and attracts potential buyers.

Gaining maximum exposure for your property is paramount. We must be able to reach as many potential buyers as possible. Our agents consider each individual seller's needs when designing a marketing campaign that is specifically tailored to the property and seller requirements.

Redlands Realty has multiple offices. They have been strategically located in prominent positions to highlight our brand and promote our client's properties.

Signage advertises your property, onsite, around the clock. A signboard attracts potential buyers at the very spot. It is a crucial selling tool that exposes the sale of your property 24 hours a day. Our custom made, weather resistant signs are our 'silent salesperson'. They have been specifically designed to be bold, colourful and impactful.

Online Marketing
In our current society, online marketing is vital to your marketing strategy. There are so many tools at the buyers' fingertips, and we ensure your property is online and easy to find. This is crucial in attracting the right buyer. Our website, consistently generates high traffic volumes. Another advantage is that buyer enquiries and responses are often instantaneous. We strive to stay at the cutting edge of technology, and continually refine our strategies. Modern online marketing also has the ability to link with other advertising portals, designed to capture every buyer in the market place.

Marketing Power Online

Print Media
Print media reaches out to potential buyers in the Redlands, and beyond. We engage The Bayside Bulletin to attract local buyers and have a range of customised options for displaying your property in print. Each individual aspect of print media has a vital role in projecting your property out to the market place.

Marketing Power Print

Target Area Marketing
Many buyers wish to stay in the same area that they currently live in. Therefore, target area marketing is designed to focus on the surrounding region of your property. More than 70 per cent of buyers are obtained from the local area. Your buyer could be closer than you think.

Monthly E-Newsletter
Our monthly E-newsletter keeps our large database constantly informed of current and upcoming properties. It is another way to ensure that we have all bases covered and our rapidly growing list of buyers are aware of your property as soon as it hits the market.

At Redlands Realty, we continuously use these valuable marketing tools to attract the right buyer to your property. We are dedicated to using current marketing techniques in areas of print media, signage, target area and online marketing, and through social network media. We will gain the best coverage for your property

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