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The following are answers to five absolute questions that every prospective vendor is certain to have. Please click to download our “Presenting Your Property For Sale” brochure.

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1. How do I sell?
The Sales Team at Redlands Realty are highly experienced and can offer you the best strategic advice on how to market your property to achieve your desired outcome. Each method of sale comes with its advantages and disadvantages. Our duty to you as your selling agent, is to provide honest information that will lead to the successful sale of your property for the maximum price achievable.

2. When do I sell?
Anytime. While markets do fluctuate, there are always buyers looking for a property to fit their needs. Bear in mind, we can advise you on current and projected market conditions so that you can maximise your chance of achieving a successful sale.

3. How do I promote my property?
We will propose a marketing campaign that will promote all of the positive features your property offers in order to attract the attention of prospective buyers. At Redlands Realty, we are always empathetic to your personal requests and we will never pressure you to market your property in a way you feel uncomfortable. Appropriately targeted advertising is crucial to the successful sale of your property and it is our responsibility as your preferred agency to provide you with the most up to date marketing tools to ensure we achieve the best result for you.

4. How should my property present?
It goes without saying that 'presentation' and 'price' go hand in hand. Two homes with the same layout and location can achieve very different prices, based alone on property presentation. Feel free to click on our Presenting Your Home link to assist you further.

In addition to your own efforts, should the need arise, we can source trades people and presentation consultants who can optimise the image of your property. Photographers, copywriters and floor-plan artists can each assist in creating an impact in order to attract the attention of prospective buyers.

 5. How do I achieve the best price?
Through a winning combination of Redlands Realty's skilled and experienced sales people, the talents of our auctioneers, and the astuteness of our negotiators. All have a single aim of producing a final price that is the highest your property could command. Should you wish to talk to one of our Sales Agents don't hesitate to contact Redlands Realty on 07 3286 0888.

Presenting your property for sale

Your property can stand out
Often, properties can appear strikingly similar on paper, but sell for immensely different prices. The reason could lie in the way the property is presented.
At Redlands Realty, we understand the fundamentals that will ensure your home sells for the highest possible price.
Tips to present your property for sale
*    Remove all clutter and rubbish
*    Repair and paint where needed
*    Weed and replenish the garden beds
*    Add colourful plants and flowers to the garden
*    Check fences are in good condition
*    Clean internal house - walls, floors and windows
*    Clean dust and cobwebs from the exterior
*    Prune trees or shrubs to promote natural light
*    Steam clean carpets if needed
*    Check for and repair dripping taps, sticking doors and drawers
*    Create space by storing additional furniture away
*    Display only basic items in cupboards to show the full value of your storage
*    Enhance your entrance and/or garden by displaying removable pot plants and outdoor furniture
*    Pressure clean driveways and footpaths
*    Ensure the keys you provide your agent work smoothly and open the lock freely


First impressions
Through the eyes of the buyer
If you stand at the front your property, you can imagine what it would be like to see it for the first time. Imagine you are a potential buyer. This is the very position buyers will assess your property from as they drive or walk past. If they see an overgrown garden, dirty windows, or a fence that requires attention, the buyer is immediately deterred.

At this point they often make a decision whether or not to inspect.

Creating space
Each room needs to appear as expansive as possible. Often, it is a matter of clearing out the clutter. It may be necessary to store some furniture to create a spacious atmosphere in your home. Opt for a self-storage company or ask a friend to keep your furniture for you.
Natural light is a must. Simply draw the curtains and blinds to brighten up the interior and help accentuate the feeling of spaciousness. Overgrown trees and shrubs can shade windows. Pruning these will also increase natural light.

Sensation & ambience - The power of emotion
Emotion is a powerful tool and often people purchase a property because it just simply feels right. There are many practical reasons for buying a property such as location, features and price, but you can never underrate the power of emotion.
There are simple, yet valuable ways that you can create an appealing atmosphere for prospective buyers
*    Remove pets during inspection times
*    Display fresh flowers in a vase
*    Play classical background music
*    Wash and store dishes
*    Clean bench tops
*    Make up beds
*    Open curtains and blinds
*    Turn on lights in dark rooms or passageways
*    Keep the house free of unpleasant odours
*    Brew coffee or bake a cake to create appealing aromas
*    Put toys and clutter away

Maximum improvement with minimal outlay

Spending large amounts on major improvements before selling is not always recommended.
However, there are some circumstances where improvement costs are justified. For instance, if you have a fully renovated property, but the fence needs replacing or the gardens landscaped, an outlay may be acceptable.
If you have any concerns about possible improvements, feel free to discuss these with one of our professional agents.

The advantages of planned inspections
For the seller
In a busy household, open for inspection times give you the opportunity to present your property at its best.

To attract the maximum number of buyers, they are invited to view your property at advertised times, on days when they are most likely to be available.  Busy buyers tend to book up Saturdays to look at open homes, therefore, you will need to be sure that your property is on their inspection list.

Open times for inspections advantage the seller as private appointments are reduced, meaning fewer interruptions and less inconvenience.

For the buyer
Advertised viewing times allow buyers to schedule inspections of various interested properties. Buyers do not have to contact the agent to arrange a private viewing, and they can spend more time at the property than they may at a private appointment.

With the sellers absent, buyers feel less overwhelmed. They are able to relax more during inspections and take in the real features because they do not feel that they are intruding.

Appropriate private viewings can be arranged
At Redlands Realty, we will go to great lengths to attract more buyers to your property, so you achieve the best possible price. We will regularly notify you of the inspection days and times for your property.
Potential buyers may approach you, wishing to inspect your property during the course of the marketing campaign. Often they are trying to secure a property at a reduced price, by negotiating in the absence of a professional sales agent. If a buyer approaches you directly, simply pass on your agent's details.

This way we can keep in touch with all potential buyers. This is particularly important if a sale is to occur before the auction date.

Create the right atmosphere to increase competition
Auction day
It is important to create a desirable environment if your home is to be offered at auction. This can influence a higher final price. There are a number of things you can do to create the right ambiance.
*    Make sure the area around your property is clear of animal droppings that could be walked through the home
*    Have a friend take your pets on the day
*    Manicure lawns a couple of days before the auction and offer to mow your neighbor's lawn as well, if needed
*    Eradicate any weeds or rubbish from gardens, paths and the street
*    Invite friends along to encourage an energetic atmosphere
*    Place mats at all external doors to help keep floors clean
*    Keep valuables safe and hidden away
*    Have your vehicles off site to provide a parking area for the pre-auction inspection and auction event. This will also create a greater sense of space
*    A warm home is far more inviting in winter. Use your heating and, if you have an open fireplace, utilise it for extra warmth and atmosphere
*    If it is a warm day, create an airflow with open doors and windows or operate your air conditioning

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