History of Birkdale: The area was named Birkdale, most likely in the early 1880s, by William Thorne, a Brisbane businessman who began buying land on Mooroondu Point from 1880. He built Mooroondu House and named the area Birkdale after his birthplace in Devonshire. The first settlers arrived in the area in the 1850s. Most were farmers who wanted to set up their own farms. Others were timber-getters who came to cut down some of the many huge trees in the area, while others set up timber mills. In the mid-1880s, a railway line was built from Brisbane to Cleveland. It passed through Birkdale, and this meant the area became more popular. People moved to Birkdale and commuted to work in Brisbane. Other people built holiday houses, or weekenders, in Birkdale.

Things to Do: Birkdale offers many recreational activities including boating, fishing, sports and general family leisure activities along the Esplanade walkways and Parks.

Landmark: In our opinion the Aquatic Paradise Canal Estate parklands would have to be the landmark in Birkdale. This is a popular family park located on the southern end of the Esplanade walkways at the entrance to the canal estate overlooking Moreton Bay. There are BBQ facilities, toilets and play equipment available. This is the perfect place to enjoy a BBQ breakfast, lunch or dinner overlooking the bay.

Shopping: Local shops including Woolworths, IGA Store, Eateries including the famous British on Bayside shop and takeaway, Birkdale Hardware, Bakeries, Butchers, Chemist, Hairdressers, Bottle Shop and many retail outlets.

Restaurants & Cafes: Birkdale offers many Café and Restaurant options including Thai, Chinese, Indian and an Irish Themed Tavern to name a few.

Sports and Fitness: Birkdale is home to the Redlands Rugby Club, Muddies Cricket Club, the Redlands Dog Obedience Club and the Redland Multisports Club. The Judy Holt Sportsfields at Birkdale is a regional sport park that provides activity space for multiple indoor and outdoor sporting and recreation activities and is currently under a Landscape Master Plan that will incorporate extra sporting activities including an off-trail mountain bike circuit and a skill based adventure ropes course.

Transport: Birkdale has its own Railway Station and takes approximately 55minutes to travel to Brisbane City. Birkdale also offers multiple bus stops that link to local shops or to the City.

Distance to City: Only 19 km from Brisbane CBD

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