Raby Bay

Raby Bay

History of Raby Bay: While there is a some discrepancy as to who named the area Cleveland (see Cleveland Suburb Profile) it is said that Cleveland was named in the early 1840’s by surveyors after the Duke of Cleveland, William Henry Vane. One of the Duke of Cleveland’s properties was Raby Castle in County Durham, from which we get the name Raby Bay. The 1940s saw a new shopping district being established around Bloomfield St and Middle St, where it remains today. This area was originally called Raby Bay rather than Cleveland but by the 1980s, when the Raby Bay canal estate was being built, the name came to mean the canal estate, and the rest of the area was called Cleveland.

Things to Do: Raby Bay is a popular spot for kite flyers with its sandy beaches and wide, open spaces. With plenty of parkland and safe beaches, the area is great for those with children. Raby Harbour Foreshore Park runs along the Raby Bay marina and provides a spectacular harbour view. Close to restaurants and Cleveland train station, the park has barbecues, play equipment, sheltered picnic facilities and walking tracks.

Landmark: In our opinion Raby Bay Harbour would have to be the landmark in Raby Bay. Whether you want to relax in the park, stroll the boardwalk or grab a beveridge or bite to eat, you will be graced with the magnificent views overlooking the Harbour and Marina.

Shopping: Raby Bay Harbour is the home of the Harbour Day Spa and with the Cleveland Shopping Precinct just a short stroll across the road, you will never be short of shops to choose from.

Restaurants & Cafes: Raby Bay Harbour offer a multitude of Restaurant and Café options from the Hog’s Breath Café, Samson Seafood, Raby Bay Oriental, CC’s Café, Icon Bar & Bistro, Secret Coffee, Noci Ristorante and the Katmandu Nepalese Kafe.

Sports and Fitness: Raby Bay offers plenty of walk and bikeways for all the family. A personal training club is also available at Raby Bay Harbour for those that want a more personalised training regime.

Transport: Cleveland train station is located just a short stroll from Raby Bay Harbour which gives you direct access to the city. There is also multiple bus stops that link to local shops and or to the City.

Distance to City: Only 25 km from Brisbane CBD

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