Redland Bay

Redland Bay

History of Redland Bay: Redland Bay township was established in the 19th century by settlers attracted to the fertile volcanic soil and pleasant climate. Redland Bay had remained a farming and fishing-based area until the mid-20th century when some of the farms were subdivided as improved transport infrastructure made it possible for residents to commute to Brisbane. From 1953 to 1971, Qantas Empire Flying Boats operated from Redland Bay providing a refuel and maintenance base for flying boats traveling from Sydney to the United Kingdom. Farming all but ceased in 2002 and Redland Bay has become a popular bayside place to live for those working in the Brisbane and Logan area.

Things to Do:
Redland Bay offers many recreational activities including boating, fishing, sports and general family leisure activities. Redland Bay is the main ferry transport terminal for the Southern Bay Islands and a round trip is a great way to explore and enjoy what these Islands have to offer.

In our opinion the Redland Bay Hotel would have to be the landmark of Redland Bay. Originally built around 1885, it burnt down in 1926 under suspicious circumstances. The hotel was rebuilt shortly after and remains on the same site today. The perfect place to enjoy an afternoon overlooking the Southern Bay Island.

Local shops, including Eateries, Chemist, Hairdressers, Bottle Shop and Convenience Stores. The recent new addition is the Red Edge Shopping Centre offering a large IGA.

Restaurants & Cafes:
Redland Bay’s Restaurant and Café options continue to grow with the area. Some of our favourites include the Redland Bay Golf Club and Redland Bay Hotel.

Sports and Fitness:
Whether it’s a leisurely spot of Golf or a workout at the local Gym, Redland Bay has you covered. There is an abundance of cycle and walkways throughout Redland Bay to cater for all the family.

Redland Bay offers multiple bus stops that link to local shops and or to the City. The nearest Train Station is Cleveland Station. Redland Bay is the main Ferry Terminal servicing the Southern Bay Islands.

Distance to City:
Only 36 km from Brisbane CBD

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