History of Thornlands: Thornlands began as part of the area then encompassed by Cleveland, and was leased (along with most of the land between Ormiston and the Logan River), to Joseph Clarke. He relinquished his lease in 1858, allowing small farmers to settle in the area. The area took the name Thornlands after George Thorn, a major landholder in the area, whose lands were subdivided around 1900. The area was settled, like the surrounding suburbs, primarily by farmers, mostly growing fruit such as citrus, bananas and mangoes. The area is now primarily suburban residences, with the southern parts rural residences, comprising larger landblocks. The population is growing rapidly due to new housing developments.

Things to Do: Thornlands offers families plenty of Parks, Cycle and Walking Paths to enjoy.

Landmark: Thornlands is currently the most Southern point of the well known Eddie Santigiuliana Way which is a walking and cycle path that follows the edge of Moreton Bay north into Cleveland.

Shopping: Local shops, including Eateries, Newsagency, Hairdressers, Bottle Shop and Convenience Store. Both Cleveland and Victoria Point Shopping Centre’s are just a short drive away.

Restaurants & Cafes: Thornlands currently offers a small range of dining options being Chinese and Modern Australian however a short drive north or south to Cleveland or Victoria Point opens up to many culinary choices.

Sports and Fitness: Thornlands is the home of the Pinklands Sporting Complex & Henry Ziegenfusz Reserve which caters for a multitude of sports and clubs including Rugby, Cricket, Pony & Equestrian and Netball to name a few.

Transport: Thornlands offers multiple bus stops that link to local shops and or the City. Thornlands is also just a short drive to the Cleveland train station.

Distance to City: Only 28 km from Brisbane CBD

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