Victoria Point

Victoria Point

History of Victoria Point: The first farmers came to Victoria Point from 1860. Timber was also an important industry so some settlers were timber-getters. They used to form their logs into rafts and float them down Eprapah Creek and to sawmills in Brisbane, Cleveland and Wellington Point. The farmers grew crops of fruit and vegetables such as pineapples, custard apples, tomatoes, cabbages, cucumbers, carrots and beetroot. A jetty was built off the end of Victoria Point in 1909, which meant the farmers could send their crops to market by boat.
Victoria Point was also a popular holiday destination and campers would spend their holidays there from year to year. A kiosk was built on the reserve in 1927.
During the 1970s, some farmers gradually turned to growing flowers rather than the traditional small crops. Flowers could be grown all year round in shade houses. Other farmers subdivided their land and sold it to people who wanted to build houses.

Things to Do: Victoria Point offers a multitude of activities for young and old alike, from a ferry ride across to Coochiemudlo Island, a swim at Thompsons Beach, catching a movie at the Victoria Point Cinema’s or just a leisurely stroll along the foreshores of Point  Halloran overlooking the moored boats.

Landmark:  A long time landmark of Victoria Point is Cascade Gardens on Colburn Avenue. The green lawns, flowering gardens and waterfall offer a tranquil setting which is popular for family gatherings and weddings. There are barbeque facilities, swings and a skateboard ramp at the park.

Shopping: Over the past few years Victoria Point has become the shopping hub for the neighbouring suburbs and offers a multitude of grocery, clothing, health and boutique stores. Not to be left out are the numerous smaller convenience stores suitably positioned throughout Victoria Point to service residential areas and visitors.

Restaurants & Cafes: Victoria Point offers plenty of choices when it comes to Restaurants and Cafes. Take a stroll around Victoria Point Lakeside and you will quickly have your tastebuds in a frenzy with so much to choose from.

Sports and Fitness: From the Redlands YMCA Fitness Centre, Indoor Sports Centre, Sharks Sporting Club to the extensive cycle and walkways, Victoria Point has the whole family covered.

Transport: Victoria Pont offers multiple bus stops that link to local shops and or to the City. Victoria Point is also the Gateway to Coochiemudlo Island with a ferry service running 7 days a week. The closest train station is Cleveland Station.

Distance to City: Only 33 km from Brisbane CBD

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