Wellington Point

Wellington Point

History of Wellington Point: It is considered that the first Europeans to travel through Wellington Point were three shipwrecked timber getters, Pamphlett, Finnegan and Parsons in 1823. Wellington Point was named by surveyors Robert Dixon and James Warner in 1842 after the Duke of Wellington who led the army of the United Kingdom in the Battle of Waterloo in 1815. The bay formed in part by Wellington Point was named Waterloo Bay. The first European settlers arrived in Wellington Point in the mid 1860’s after the first land sales of 1864 at which one of the big purchasers was Thomas Lodge Murray Prior. Another purchaser was Captain Louis Hope, who built Ormiston House and established a major sugar plantation and milling operation in Ormiston.

Things to Do: Wellington Point offers many recreational activities including boating, fishing, sports and general family leisure activities. When the tide goes out at Wellington Point there is an exposed sandbar that allows you to walk out to one of the nearest islands, King Island.

Landmark: In our opinion the Wellington Point Jetty would have to be the landmark in Wellington Point. The Wellington Point jetty was first built about 1937 in the same place as the present jetty. It has been renovated and repaired since then. It was mainly used by visitors to Wellington Point, which was a popular camping spot especially during school holidays.

Shopping: Wellington Point offers many shopping alternatives in multiple locations. The main street at Wellington Point hosts a number of shopping outlets and convenience stores and the more modern shopping complex is Horizon’s which is on the corner of Old Cleveland Road East and Allenby Road which consists of an IGA store and multiple franchise takeaway outlets.

Restaurants & Cafes: Wellington Point offers a multitude of Restaurants and Cafes to suit all diners tastes. Take a stroll down the main street or Horizon’s, the choices are endless.

Sports and Fitness: Wellington Point is home to the Redlands Sporting Club which was founded by locals in 1983 and originally named the Redland Cricketers Club. The Redlands Sporting Club has grown over the years and is the base of many local sporting clubs including Fishing, Cricket, Karate, Bowls, Swimming, Golf, Bocce and Equestrian.

Transport: Wellington Point has its own Railway Station and also offers multiple bus stops that link to local shops and or to the City.

Distance to City: Only 22 km from Brisbane CBD

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